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See some of our many residential projects, with some of the industry's best constructors.


Aarhus, Denmark

Lighthouse is an iconic building at the head of Aarhus' waterfront.

Circle House

Aarhus, Denmark

Circle House is a scalable demonstration project that will provide new knowledge about the construction of circular buildings.

High Five

Copenhagen, Denmark

Where previously ketchup was filled in cans, and where today there is an empty and overgrown plot, three residential towers called 'High Five' will rise.


Lyngby, Denmark

Basecamp will consist of 639 studio flats, 48 senior flats, 69 guest houses, and 30 municipal rental flats with a round joint house of 1,300 square meters in the middle of the area.


Kolding, Denmark

The housing company Domea Lunderskov-Kolding is constructing 92 public family homes of 8,058 sqm in the center of Kolding.

Emil Christian Hansen Hus

Carlsberg ByenCopenhagen, Denmark

Emil Christian Hansen Hus is the largest office building in Carlsberg Byen district and is being built on the corner of Ny Carlsberg Vej and Vesterfælledvej

Ottilia Jacobsens Plads

Carlsberg ByenCopenhagen, Denmark

A water and urban space in the new part of the Carlsberg Byen district.

Bag Elefanterne

Carlsberg ByenCopenhagen, Denmark

Scan Underlay contributes to a new multi-storey building in Carlsberg Byen called Bag Elefanterne.

Christen HusCarlsberg Byen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Christen Hus is a new office building located centrally in the new fashionable neighborhood Carlsbergkvarteret and surrounded by listed buildings.

Dept. 24, Landbrugsvej

Odense, Denmark

Dept. 24, Landbrugsvej, 42 youth homes and 25 family homes were built close to the university


Viborg, Denmark

Brolandingen Ungdomsboliger will be the first building in the new residential area in central Viborg, where Hærvejsbroen lands.

Hildis Have

Hillerød, Denmark

Hildis Have are sustainable rental homes surrounded by green areas and located in the centre of Hillerød.


Hillerød, Denmark

Generationsboliger in Hillerød consist of 35 one- and two-storey terraced houses as well as 40 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments.


Hillerød, Denmark

Newly built two-bedroom apartments located in Odense C with the UCL Business Academy in the backyard and with a view to both Odense City and Odense Harbor.


Hillerød, Denmark

The slaughterhouse district is a new vibrant district located in the middle of Holstebro. The total area is 90,000 m2.


Hillerød, Denmark

In Blomsterhaven Tilst, beautiful rental homes of various types are being built.

NabolagetOlav de Linde

Hillerød, Denmark

In the spring of 2018, the real estate company Olav de Linde welcomed new residents in Nabolaget, consisting of 272 newly built rental apartments in three-point houses at staggered heights.


Horsens, Denmark

New homes located in beautiful surroundings near Bygholm lake and forest.


Horsens, Denmark

Casa Group has developed the former Dana Feed plot into a new city district - the so-called "Pakhusene" and "Porten til havnen".


Horsens, Denmark

63 quality apartments with a great location and direct access to Vognsbølparken and a short distance to town, sports, and cultural facilities.


Copenhagen, Denmark

In Århusgade situated in the Copenhagen North Harbour district, Domea Copenhagen is constructing a new building with 98 family homes, 9 youth homes and 24 homes for citizens with special needs.

Amager Strandvej

Copenhagen, Denmark

This is project at Amager Strandvejincludes 24.630 m2 for private homes, 7.770 m2 for public housing and 8.100 m2 for commercial use.

Port One

Aalborg, Denmark

145 exclusive rental homes at the Aalborg waterfront


Horsens, Denmark

The new building Karetmagerlunden will be built on Emil Møllers Gade in Horsens. It consists of 154 rental apartments located in seven multi-storey properties.


Aarhus, Denmark

Helsingforsgade is pre-certified for DGNB gold and features innovative solutions based on recycling and renewable energy production.

Kongens Punkt

Copenhagen, Denmark

With its location in Kanalbyen, Kongens Punkt welcomes you to a completely new district


Aalborg, Denmark

Horisonten is where dreams begin and end.

Linde Allé

Nærum, Denmark

This project at Linde Allé consists of 30 new exclusive condominiums located in the centre of North Zealand only a short drive from Copenhagen and a short bike ride from the blue waves of Øresund.

Herning Sky

Herning, Denmark

With its 15 floors, Herning SKY will be Herning's tallest building and have an iconic expression. The 72 bright balcony homes are between 118 and 207 sqm.


Aarhus, Denmark

Pakhusene consists of five houses covering a total of approx. 35,000 square meters. Three buildings for commercial purposes and two buildings for residential purposes.


Skanderborg, Denmark

Anebjerg consists of 85 homes covering a total of 8.425 m2 and a house for joint activities.


Skanderborg, Denmark

Siloen is part of the music house neighborhood.

The Silo - Penthouse

Copenhagen, Denmark

The 17-storey former grain silo is a natural point of reference in Copenhagen's new neighborhood Nordhavn.


Rødovre, Denmark

In Rødovre, 35 apartments and 10 two-storey terraced houses will be built on the former Damhus Tivoli site with a view of Damhussøen.


Copenhagen, Denmark

The Eksercerpladsen project consists of 251 youth homes of 38-50 m2 as well as 5 rooms for joint activities, roof terraces and a laundry.