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Our Mission

We deliver sustainable products with focus on the environment without compromising on quality or price.


Our history and accomplishments


Our roots

Scan Underlay was founded by its owner, Carsten Andersen, based on his 20 years of experience in developing products. It all started with a vision to create the most sustainable high-quality rubber textile. The development work involved numerous difficult tests on our pilot machine, using different media and technologies, but the end product proved quite extraordinary. Today, many of the products are protected by patents. Research and development is part of Scan Underlay’s core business. At the end of 2015, we started using our new production facility in Skovby, west of Aarhus. With all machines installed, calibrated and up running, we were able to test if the products reacted as expected and had the necessary flexibility, strength and density. The result of our effort were products that meet all requirements and standards within the building industry.


We entered the market

In 2016, we launched our Acoustic Silence series on the market, and our customers and business partners were very enthusiastic about it. Our products were used in several large multi-storey buildings with great success. But we still had as an ambition to produce the world’s most sustainable products for the construction industry. We have spent countless hours in the laboratory, developing and testing prototypes, and these efforts explain the high quality of our products today. We depend on our customers and therefore strive to deliver first-class customer service at all times. We listen, we care, and we act. As an example, a customer reached out to us in October 2016 with a request for Under Screed sound insulation. After many hours in the laboratory, development of prototypes and extensive sound, density and performance testing, a new superior product, Acoustic Silence 1050, was ready to enter the market. Among the happy customers is Slagelse Hospital where Acoustic Silence 1050 has been installed.


Quality assurance

In 2017, we focused on quality improvements in all aspects of our business, in particular in relation to our products. In 2017, we managed to improve our test results even more and received a Gold certification A+ with the lowest indoor emission. Furthermore, the sound and sound transmission properties of our product are tested regularly in the laboratory and on-site, and the test results remain excellent. For optimisation purposes and in order to obtain a stable and manageable energy solution, we made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by using 50% wind power and 50% natural gas at our production facility.



2018 was an exciting year with many surprises. Scan Underlay is in constant development and continues growing. We are proud of our accomplishments and the positive feedback we receive from our customers and from society. In 2018, Scan Underlay was nominated for the Danish “Construction Environmental Award”. We were also invited to cooperate with Aarhus City Council as its climate partner. In 2018, we implemented a new CRM system, enabling us to maintain a high service level to our customers. We are proud to say that Scan Underlay has never been more compliant in its history.